EPNRC Campaign for
Sustainability & Growth 

Building a Community of Caring, Trust, & Integrity 

As community needs increase, local nonprofits take the lead to serve the public good and improve the quality of life for the Estes Valley. The Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center exists to strengthen these nonprofits to and to build a community of caring, trust, and integrity.

Campaign Goals and Purposes:

The success of the EPNRC has meant that there are increasing demands from the organizations in the community who see the value of what the EPNRC has to offer.

To meet these demands and to prepare more adequately for the future, we are seeking funding for the following:

  • Locate a permanent physical home that will enable nonprofits to meet, secure needed training and services, and have access to the resource materials EPNRC has to offer.
  • Expand staff to include a full-time Executive Director and ancillary part-time experts to better serve Estes Park nonprofits and meet their most critical needs.
  • Grow the portfolio of programs and services that nonprofits need to achieve their missions and goals and improve the quality services to their thousands of clients.
  • Initiate a multiple-year plan to build and grow an EPNRC Endowment Fund.

EPNRC is Resourceful, Responsive & Resilient

  • On a day-to-day basis, EPNRC provides individual counsel, group training, specialized workshops, and joint educational programs to model and teach effective practices.
  • EPNRC galvanizes community resources to solve immediate problems and bring people together for the common good, as evidenced by the response to the 2013 flood.
  • Annually, EPNRC conducts 40 educational workshops, responds to 500 requests for information and resources, sponsors volunteer fairs and philanthropy recognition events, and convenes parties-in-interest to help solve community issues.
  • EPNRC administers the innovative planned giving initiative, “Estes Valley legacy,” which brings together 16 local charities and scores of donors.

How can you help?

You are a caring philanthropist who believes in strengthening the quality of life in our unique community. We are asking that you join with us in making an investment in the future of EPNRC.

The current goal is to raise $300,000 over the next three years to achieve the campaign purposes. And we are on our way up the mountain toward our goal (as indicated by our friend the ram.)  A generous, anonymous, donor has pledged $75,000 ($25,000 a year for three years) as a matching gift.

In addition, you may wish to earmark some or all of your gift toward the Endowment Fund to ensure EPNRC’s future. A ten-year goal of $1 Million has been established.

Please consider carefully your role in this important effort, and share with us this Commitment Form.

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