How to Add Social Media Functionality to WordPress

Click to go to WordPress.orgFirst, we should be clear, there are dozens of ways to add social media functionality to your WordPress site. It is the number of choices in plugins and options that make WordPress a great cornerstone for your social media strategy. It is also that diversity of choice and wide array of options that contributes to the confusion of adding social media to WordPress.

Our goal is to promote our WordPress site on Facebook and eventually other social sites. We want to focus on promotion of our website on Facebook. We want our posts to automatically (even if scheduled) appear on Facebook with a link back to the blog post. That seems easy enough but quickly became a complex trial and error project. Hopefully our research will help you.

Next_Scripts_Logo2.1-HOR-100pxWe selected NextScripts for the automation of the posts in WordPress to Facebook. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto Poster includes an impressive list of SM that it supports.

NextScriptsSNAP-supported-networksPlugin makes 100% White Labeled Posts The main idea behind the plugin is to give you the ability to promote only yourself. Plugin uses your own apps and all posts to all networks come only from you. No “Shared via” or “Posted by SNAP for WordPress” messages.

In order for the NextScripts SNAP Plugin to do that with Facebook it requires that you register as a Facebook developer, navigate to the Apps page, and click the Create New App button.FacebookCreateNewAppButton

Then you’ll need to name your app and declare the namespace. Sounds complicated but it isn’t.



You’ll need to set the App Domain and the Canvas URL. Please note the Canvas URL must be the same URL as set in WordPress on the General Settings.



While we were at it and having so much fun with the Facebook App API we decided to add the official Facebook Plugin to get us the Like buttons on our blog.


Note: This is only a screenshot. The real Like button is below!

WordPress is a great platform that at the time of this writing is driving 17% of the websites in the U.S. and has 24,897 plugins you can choose to add to your WordPress site.

We hope you Like this post and will share it with your friends!

by Lee Lasson, President of FrontDesk, Inc. and Cassie Lasson, of FrontDesk, Inc. VP and Chief Creative Officer


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2 Responses to How to Add Social Media Functionality to WordPress

  1. Richard Erbe says:

    Need help using WordPress. I recently joined the Estes Park American Legion and volunteered to help with their webpage, thinking that it would be just adding data. Turns out that it is more than just data. The webpage has been constructed, but just need to do some work within. What type of support can your group provide?

    • Alison Rivers says:

      Hi Richard. I understand that you spoke with our Executive Director and she was able to give you some leads. Good luck on your WordPress journey.