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2017 Philanthropy Awards

Business Philanthropist of the the Year – Mountain Home Cafe – Olga & Enrique family and staff
Olga found a home in Estes Park when she was very young and has been involved with many organizations over many years. Her support of the Estes Park Learning Place, Estes Valley Crisis Advocates, and the former Multicultural Council has been substantial, and subtle. She and her family have given back to the entire community, sometimes with a special focus on organizations that support the Hispanic community. She organizes the Cinco de Mayo celebration, works to help everyone understand the needs of the Latino community, and eschews acknowledgement of her daily efforts. Olga and Enrique and their family are vital members of the Estes Park community.

Business Philanthropist of the the Year – Snowy Peaks Winery – Candice Mohr
Candice ​Mohr reaches out. She seeks out philanthropic events and organizations and offers to donate, without being asked. If there’s a nonprofit event that could use support, they magically have Snowy Peaks wine. We considered listing even some of the events that Snowy Peaks supports, but the list quickly became too long. There are so many! She also partners with Crossroads Ministry and Bright Christmas to provide backpacks to the many children who need back-to-school supplies, volunteers in the food pantry at Crossroads Ministry, and is a tireless example of ‘doing the right thing’. 

Katie Speer Philanthropist of the Year – Terry Rizzuti
Terry is a dedicated, passionate and tireless supporter of local veterans and their families. Terry has reinvented, revitalized and reenergized the American Legion​. ​
He is  committed to using the Legions facility as a service to the community of Estes Park.
Under his leadership they have made wonderful progress. In just the past year a few of the examples of Terry’s accomplishments are:
1) Implementing a new service program for returning veteran’s including benefit’s assistance and readjustment counseling opportunities.
2) Supporting youth in the community by strengthening ties with the Boy Scouts and the Cub Scouts The Legion provides meeting space for both groups and combines community service projects for both the scouts and the veterans.
3) Sponsors a new Legion baseball team for local high school players.
4) Serving the community by enhancing disaster preparedness in Estes Park, Partnering with and providing space for the Estes Park Ham Radio Club. Also by helping establish the legion building with a Red Cross emergency shelter designation. He has no intentions of resting on his already remarkable accomplishments. His visions and priorities are to serve our veterans and the entire community of the Estes Valley. Terry claims to be a Marine, but we see him as a one man Army.

Youth Philanthropist of the Year – Micah Brown
Micah created The Hidden Valley Scholarships for students to participate in the 5th grade outward bound field trip. Micah volunteered as a student leader for the trip and noticed that an unusual number of students were absent. He was told many students simply could not afford the trip, which troubled him. Micah’s goal is “to give families in need the hand up they deserve to allow their children to be a part of the school community in all aspects.” Micah single handedly raised over $1000 to make sure that every 5th grader could go on the field trip.  There was enough left for seed money that the National Honor Society will use to continue the program into the next school year.  Philanthropy is part of Micah.

Enduring Service Award – Pieter and Helen Hondius
Enduring service is service over a span of years.  This time, the span of years is truly impressive.  As one of the first Directors of the Estes Valley Land Trust, Piet​er​ helped protect thousands of acres of land throughout the valley. Pie​​t​er​ and Helen donated property to the land trust that was protected with a conservation easement and sold to the Department of Interior. This enabled the land trust to generate operating revenue AND protect land adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park. Helen is a conservationist as well. With the League of Women Voters, she joined the campaign that successfully lobbied to ban commercial helicopter flights over Rocky Mountain National Park, all while volunteering at the library, and guiding the successful campaign for an Estes Valley Library District. I have heard it said that the last name of philanthropy in Estes Park is Hondius. Together, they reflect the true spirit of Estes Park: love of nature, generosity and cooperation. Their contributions to this community are unforgettable.

Prior Award Winners:

2016 Enduring Service – Jean Austin

2016 Enduring Service – Bill and Sue Pinkham

2016 Business Philanthropist of the Year – Anthony DeSousa – Antonio’s Pizza

2016 Katie Speer Philanthropist of the Year – Kristen Berg

2016 Youth Philanthropist of the Year – Estes Park High School/Environmental Sciences Class

2015 Enduring Service Award – Bob & Ludie Dickeson

2015 Business Philanthropist of the Year Award – Kris & Gary Hazelton – Estes Park News

2015 Katie Speer Philanthropist of the Year Award – Judi Cunningham

2015 Youth Philanthropist of the Year Award – Will Thomas

2014 Katie Speer Philanthropist of the Year Award – Sherry Davis

2014 Enduring Service Award – Jayne Zmijewski

2014 Business Philanthropist of the Year – Amy Hamrick – Kind Coffee

2013 Individual Philanthropist of the Year – Kathy Littlejohn (Kids Cafe’, Fine Arts Guild)

2013 Business Philanthropist of the Year – Rocky Mountain Park Inn

2013 Lifetime Philanthropist Award – David Krumme

2012 Individual Philanthropist of the Year – Don Widrig

2012 Business Philanthropist of the Year – Jared Andrew, Store Manager at Safeway Food Store #0920

2012 Individual/Business Philanthropists of the Year – Rob and Julie Pieper, owners of Poppy’s and Mama Rosa’s

2011 Philanthropist (donor and/or grantmaker) – Peggy and John Lynch (major gift to EVICS)

2011 Philanthropist Honorable Mention – Estes Park Community Thrift Shop

2011 Outstanding Volunteer – Andi Smith (Elizabeth Guild)

2011 Outstanding Volunteer Honorable Mention – Marilyn Vergoth (Estes Park Medical Center)

2010 Special Recognition – Frank Shavlik (retiring EPNRC board member)

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