Mountain Strong for Nonprofits Toolkit

We want you to be successful! 

As a member of the Mountain Strong for Nonprofits collaborative, this is where you will find resources and tools to help your fundraising efforts be as successful as they can be.

Haven’t joined yet? Check out the requirements for eligibility.

Participant Toolkit

Download the first installment of the Mountain Strong for Nonprofits Participant Toolkit. In it you will find messaging, sample copy to use in your newsletter, ideas for social media and sample emails to use with: current donors/volunteers/staff, donors who come through MS4NP and any community or business partners you have.

Use the following graphic with your MS4NP donor thank you email, asking the donor to use it as their social media profile picture (sample email copy provided in the Toolkit).

Facebook profile picture



Simply right click on the graphic, select “Save image as” and save it in a folder on your computer where you can access it when building your thank you email.


Share-able Graphics and Videos

We’ve developed a variety of images and videos for you to use when promoting MS4NP with your various audiences.

Media Coverage

Use/share these links to some of the media coverage Mountain Strong for Nonprofits has received:

Donate Button Tips

Since no funds flow through the Mountain Strong for Nonprofits website or EPNRC, you must provide the html code for us to embed your PayPal or ColoradoGives donate button on the site.

If you have a PayPal account set up to accept donations, here are instructions on how to get the html code for your donate button.

If you participate in, follow the instructions to get your “Donate Now” button in the General “Tools & Resources” section of your Nonprofit Dashboard.

If you don’t currently have a method to accept online donations, check to see if you qualify to join ColoradoGives or get more information about PayPal and set up a nonprofit account. You may also provide a link to whatever donation information you have on your organization’s website.

Mountain Strong for Nonprofits Workshop

Watch the full workshop video to learn about the Mountain Strong for Nonprofits program, how you can participate and how to create a powerful video to engage new donors. You can also download the workshop handout – Guidelines for Filming a GREAT Video.

Ignition Effect – Mountain Strong from John Conn on Vimeo.


Tips for Creating a Powerful Nonprofit Video

Taken from the Mountain Strong for Nonprofits workshop, this half-hour video focuses just on the video making process and keys for success. You’ll also want to use the Guidelines for Filming a GREAT Video.

Mountain Strong – Create your video guide from John Conn on Vimeo.


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