Competent Assistance for Nonprofits

CANDO! assists new nonprofit organizations in getting started from just a thought to formalizing the organization. For new and existing nonprofits Linda Akey assists with board development, legal documents, nonprofit policies, strategic planning, mission and vision changes, mergers, etc. She conducts workshops for nonprofits and organizations helping nonprofits. Linda will submit filings for the State and the IRS Forms for 501c3, c4, c6, c7, etc.

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Community Contributions

Linda Akey has been doing volunteer and nonprofit work since she was 6 years old. She has served on boards including the Colorado Children’s Campaign, Save the Gandy Bridge, and President for the Loveland Opera Theatre. Linda has volunteered with countless organizations including Colo. Association of Family Child Care, Loveland Opera Theatre, Homeless Gear, Project Self-Sufficiency, NCNRC and many more. She co-founded the NCNRC and served as president.

Types of Nonprofits Supported

  • Recreation and Environment
  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Creative and Cultural Arts
  • Community and Service
  • Youth and Education
  • Humanitarian
  • Health and Wellness
  • Emergency
  • History and Culture
  • All Tax Exempt Nonprofit Organizations

How This Business Gives Back

  • Cash Donations
  • In-kind Services

Preferred Method of Contact for Requests: Email, phone, in-person

Complete a Donation Request Form for each donation and email it to Linda Akey at


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